Friday, August 18, 2006



I am writing here after 496 days.

By this time, I was engaged in filmmaking, losing my friends & weight, and achiving the quality of being more snob. Need more

  • Now visit a website claiming the Longest Domain Name. (www dot the longest domain name in the world and then some and then some more and more dot com) This site applied for its record breaking domain to Guinness World Record. Guiness rejected: "there is no merit" in this effort. :(

  • Republicof Benny André Lund - This man claims himself a micro-nation to fully define the autonomous individual. :|

  • You have friends. You write e-mails. Now please read a tutorial on how to lose Friends with e-mail. It worked in my case! :) A good satire to people who don't know (or misuse) the e-mail etiquette.
  • Email misunderstanding - "When electronic communication generates more questions than answers, it's time to re-evaluate our habits." [via poynteronline]
Margin of Margin: Profile of an Unrepentant Post-Colonial Collaborator
[thanks guruchandali]

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