Friday, April 8, 2005

Excuse Guide

I might've-- I don't know, I screwed up and all. What I'm not really saying very well is, I feel really bad about it. You know, sorry sorry sorry. Is that doing it for you? [unscripted excuse]
I am overloaded with questions. Most frequently-asked questions are:
  • Why did you join the meeting before after 30 minutes?
  • Why are you reluctant to reply your emails?
  • Why don't you update blog frequently?
  • Why don't you upload new photos?
  • Why is the article not finished?
  • Why are you so l-a-z-z-y?
  • Why, man, why?
  • Y Y Y?
  • Y?

Well, people, like me, need new excuses now and then.Excuse-o-mat helped me out!

According to the site, it can generate 3.6 million different convincing, ready-made excuses. Select the type of excuse -- distraction, medical, insulting, moral failure, self loathing or unscripted. Press "create excuse" button!

Best of excuses! :D

More excuses


kaushik said...

ha hah hha... u have a very good sense of humour with unique style. really i mean it. u should write here more frequently. no computer-generated excuse pls... hah hah... keep good writing yaar...

kaushik, UK

BD said...

Man! a golden post, just what i needed ! :P

llanin said...

ya,it was also needed to me.

Rezwan said...

I have book-tagged you, as I was inspired by another blogger:

Please Answer these Questions in a post :

-No. of books that you own?
-Last book you bought?
-Five books that mean a lot to you?
-Last book(s) you've read?
-Pick 5 Bloggers of your choice and tag 'em.


Ahmed said...

Haha thanks for the excuse site, now i'll never get stuck again!!!lol

The Arbit Council said...

awesome! :D

good blog too!

Shakia said...

Seriously they have these stuff on the net?! Internet amazes me day by day...

Prometheus said...

nice excuses...

i am going to try them at the college...

Le Gal said...

How on Earth did you get such useful stuff???:D How come I never stumble upon such wonderful things?:P

Going to mug up at least a dozen of them everyday...cross my heart!


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