Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Interpretations of Resistance

Yesterday Chobi Mela III has started in Dhaka. This biannual international festival of photography is the third effort by Drik, based on the theme 'resistance.'

Shahidul Alam, the Festival Director, wrote:
Shelter/Credit: Ishtiaque Ayub/Nov 2004When globalization has become a euphemism for westernization, it is this dissolution of borders, this resistance to consumerism, this dream of a world where the might of a few can be effectively challenged, this belief that tanks and stealth aircraft and media spin will not subdue an indomitable spirit, that characterizes this festival. ...the festival is a call to resist, and a declaration of the resistance to come.

And I found there some simple lines written by a student of Class Five at Karachi High School on Earth Day 1991:

But I will not...
I will not stop throwing paper on the ground
I will not stop using plastic bags
I will not go to clean the beaches
I will not stop polluting
I will not do all these things because I am not polluting the world

It is the grown-ups who are dropping bombs
It is the grown-ups who have to stop
One bomb destroys more than all the paper & plastic that I can throw in all my life.

It is the grown-ups who should get together and talk to each other.
They should solve problems and stop fighting and stop wars
They are making acid rain and a hole in the ozone layer

I Will Not Listen to the Grown-Ups!

Then listen to me, please.

If you love photography AND/OR/XOR live in Dhaka, you can join the fest according to this schedule. Or if you live inside net, click on the photographers' list and see how they have interpreted the word resistance. You may read the Picture of Resistance from Star magazine.


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hi am a neighbour nice to meet you.you seem to be a tchie- r u . i am. u seem 2 be a photography entusiast. nice to know.

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Yeah, I am Photography enthusiast!

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