Sunday, October 31, 2004

Login Overloaded

For writing purpose, last month I had to login these domains:

Internet Service Provider
BDCOM, Grameen Cybernet, CyberX, Agni, HRCworks

Gmail, MyRealBox, Yahoo, Hotmail, Walla, Rediff, Hotpop, Deshmail, Popmail

Blogging Related
Blogger, bloglines, furl, LiveJournal, Xanga, Bloglet, BlogRolling, kinja, technorati, w.bloggar, Atomz, Feed Burner, Site Meter, Tag-Board, Feedster, Blogger Forum

Photo Sharing
Flickr, pnavy, Photobucket, Yahoo! photos, hello, dotphoto, Fotki

News Groups
Yahoo! Groups, Google groups 2, dummies eTips, BBC

Social Networking
Orkut, DotNode, paltalk, Skype

Wikipedia, Experts Exchange, HOTorNOT, long4net, dropload, BYF

Special thanks: BugMeNot. It helps to quickly bypass the login of some websites that require compulsory registration.


Rikhi said...

eto kisu mone rakhso kemne baap ... :O ... amar to moneo thake na :S

Shankari said...

That pic from "recently visited" - Ryansmile..was awesome :)

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