Monday, July 19, 2004


One of my GFs (I mean General Fan) wrote me:

...did you decide to make your blog totally technocentric instead of, I don't know, making it more journal like? That is a shame because I enjoyed reading about your very very exciting (at least to somebody as boring as me) day-to-day life.

Exciting? Oh no! Several times I've tried to blog about my day-to-day life in my earlier posts. And somehow, I don't know why, those soliloquy turned out hokum. Just browse my blog-archive!

Won't it be boring If I write like:

  • Today I ate rice. Meao!

  • Yesterday I didn't go to university. Gheu!

  • Other day I got a phone call. Wheee!

  • Right now I am readin' a book, text book. Grrr...

See Also: The Dullest Blog in the world (I stole this link from Savita)

So what do you suggest? Should I start again my life-prattle or This Is Okay?

Can you hear me?



BD said...

I think Queta is true, coz its the personal ramblings of people that people like to read. Techno stuff can be got from different sources. But hey I face the same problems as you do :).

ps:didn't know you liked that CAT pic so much..

abhaya said...

hey, why don't u publish a feed? Would be easier to track when u post something new. I liked ur stuff :)

Qeta said...

That is the worst email I've ever read. I can't remember what I was on when I wrote that. Just to make myself clear, I don't mind tech updates at all. It was really a question about the format. I know a few people who now have different ljs/blogs because their work/personal project-related prattle started to sidetrack the journal side of things quite a bit.

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