Friday, June 11, 2004

Be a volunteer!

You need only five minutes.

Just look at the site( ) of our Anushandhitshu Chokro Science Organization. Most of the hyper links don't work. Language structure is weak. Text is poor. Grammar is... you feel bad, right?

So we label it Under Construction. And you just leave the site. But how long? We need your help. Check out the following areas:

# Content Writing
Be E-journalist. Write on our on-going events, projects and other documentation in English. If you are a professional web-content writer, share your tips on how to report for web site.

# Content Translation
Be text-engineer. we have lots of draft documents written in Bangla. Translate the papers in English language. Then edit it for web-readable format. Renovate the text style.

# Web programming
Be Programmer. We've planned to design the site using DHTML, CSS and PHP.

# Web site maintenance
Be WebMaster(or WebMistress). Organize the site with Dreamweaver MX 2004 software. You can manage some particular project site (like Venus Transit 2004) using Blogger.

# Suggestion/Tips
Be Critique. Yes, we need your suggestion and criticism to improve this site. Describe, in detail, how to make this site more useful for club members as well as other visitors. And what to do more.

If you like to work as a volunteer in any of these areas, please let me know.

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