Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Free the Iranian bloggers

Today I am dedicating this blog to "Free Mojtaba and Arash Day".

Arash and Mojtaba are Iranian bloggers. They are both currently in prison. Committee to Protect Bloggers, a group to unite the blogging community, has started its first campaign to free these bloggers.

There are several ways to join this movement; at least you can add a link back to the campaign site. Paste the following code in your blog entry:

Well, this is not the first time Iran authorities arrest for blogging. At an earlier time, Sina Motallebi, another Iranian journalist, was sent to jail for his personal weblog (Persian language). According to the BBC report, Iran is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to keep blog.

Amnesty International says: people in China, Syria, Vietnam, the Maldives, Iran, Cuba and Zimbabwe are detained or imprisoned for spreading their beliefs or information through the internet.

What's about my country, Bangladesh? Do we have the media freedom? Bangladeshi bloggers haven't imprisoned or charged for their online opinion yet. But journalists are being subjected to killing one after another especially in the Khulna region. Journalists in other parts of the country are also being threatened, attacked and implicated during their professional duties.

Reporters Without Borders (RWB) emphasized that the Armed Islamic militants is responsible behind press freedom violation in Bangladesh. RWB updates a Press Freedom Barometer, world map, where Bangladesh falls under "Difficult situation" category.

Recently Forum to Protect Journalist(FPJ), newly formed group of newspaper editors, organized protest rallies to raise their voice against the series of attacks on them in Bangladesh.

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BD said...

There is now a spate of intolerance plaguing India, bangladesh and pakistan too. I just hope we don't become another Iran!

btw please remove the frame in your HTML. The post link always shows chardik.tk no matter which post I refer to.

BD said...

Ok i just realized that i can overcome this problem by using "http://iazico.blogspot.com/" instead of "http://chardik.tk" :D

Rezwan said...

Bangladeshi bloggers haven't imprisoned or charged for their online opinion yet.If the current situation prevails, I think it will not be long before the intelligence agencies would nab one blogger and blame them somehow to show their activities. Our govt. high officials inclusing the ministers have almost no idea about the internet and some even think that all personal opinions expressed in the net are part of opposition plot.

Really you can't expect more mature thoughts from them.

nashat said...

Forewarning: This is completely off topic.
Ishtiaque, have you exhibited your work yet? Do you work at any photo/ad agency? Have you had your phots published anywhere?
I am just terribly impressed. True I am not an expert in the field, but when I see something good, I think I can usually tell :)

nashat said...

Hey, thanks for the email. My friend passed it along and then I showed her your blog to explain to her who the random email was from :) We both enjoyed going through the photos (me, once again). I know I don't have my email address up anywhere. But I'd like to keep it that way. I always check my comments, so if anyone wanted to get in touch with me they can leave a comment and I can email them back :)

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