Thursday, December 16, 2004

Who let my blog out?

Happy Victory Day of Bangladesh.

Due to my ongoing monthlong exam, I can't keep pace with my regular online tasks: reading weblogs around, googling, writing emails, so-called social networking and so on.

Today while I was checking my site statistics, I found most of the visitors coming here from a specific link. Ah, Asia Blog Awards 2004 voting started, I see! And you'll be shocked that Notes from Dystopia has nominated under Best Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan Blog category. Other nominated Bangladeshi blogs are:

- Busy Minds in a Lazy Shell
- Insert Clever Title Here
- Moodlogic
- The 3rd World View
- The Color of Rain

Yes, I have the same question. Why is my blog there? Well, don't be puzzled. Just think non-negative. The answer is blowing in my mind. [Hint: To find the best one, sometimes we need to compare with the worst one. That's why... Voila!]

I prefer The 3rd World View, a personal blog with the sense of e-journalism, maintained by Rezwan.

His writing are balanced between personal belief and a journalistic view; content is well-written and easy-to-understand for the international audience. The con, as a surfer I felt, is its blog design. He uses so many free stuffs & links in a single page, viewers might get pointless.

Moodlogic, another Bangladeshi blog by Wamy, has more or less the similar flavor of The 3rd World View. This blog design is ergonomic enough. I like his writing style except some of his politically-slanted articles.

Well, you can help my another friend, Qeta, by Inserting a Clever Title Here. Interesting blog where every post is untitled. Her writing is grammatically correct with a dramatic approach. Beside reading her candid daily log, test your English vocabulary at the same time. :)

Busy Minds in a Lazy Shell is a busy blog by Kazi Rubaiat Imam. Frequently updated. Text written in a most informal way. Unlike Qeta, like me, he ignores the blogger knowledge of grammar.

And don't miss the Color of Rain. A Bangladeshi teenager, Nashat, shares her life and adventures there decently. Well-written posts.

Okay. Now vote, explore and discover other blogs in Asia!

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BD said...

Apart from yours and qeta's blog I like the "Third World View" ...its really nice.
But yeah...who let the blogs out?????

Ishtiaque Zico said...

Thanks BD, I appreciate your liking!

And keep exploring! Hopefully you'll identify the person who let the blog(s) out! :)

Rikhi said...

Congratulations! :D

omicron said...

Istiaque bro...are you from Bangladesh?? I mean really your blog is outta this world man and i dont think BD ppl are that much involved in Blogging yet....oh well can you tell me how can i enlist my NIFTY(heh heh prediction is better than reason,you check it out if you wish...) blog at such blogging competitions??? And can i add you in my blog roll too??I'll soon have my classmates at Notredame added to my new blog too?? so waht do ya say?

Prometheus said...

nahi yaar... your blogs are good too...