Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Help Flood Victims and...

Dear readers(if any),

Sorry for my usual delay to blog.

Currently I am engaged with Flood Relief Operation Project(FROP) coordinated by our science organization Anushandhitshu Chokro. You can also help Bangladeshi flood victims by donating money or relief materials to any flood-aid fund like:

# EB2000
# SpaandanB
# Drishtipat
# Shopno dot org
# Bangladesh-America dot com

By the by, last week I watched, and enjoyed, a stage-play performed by Prachyanat theatre group. Well, I am happy to know that the ticket-money will go to a flood-relief fund. After my ongoing voluntary work, I'll write a detail review on that drama, so don't want to disclose more information right now. Please wait.

Okay. If you feel like browsing, leave my site and jump in following order:

# Google Guide (via randomwalks > librarian > rebecca)
# Flash fun: [740 KB] After loading the page, drag your mouse pointer all over the face. Try to click the nose. :)
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Qeta said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been looking for more places to donate money online for the flood. I've tried out Bangladesh-America and the University of Waterloo Bangladeshi Student Association websites so far. Good luck with the relief effort in general.

On a shallow note (I really can't do without those), give up the pretense of modesty mister! You know you've got loyal readers who were suffering so acutely from Zico Withdrawal Syndrome they wrote each other emails (or should that be gmails?) inquiring on your whereabouts. So there (I'm not naming any names)!

Rezwan said...

Its nice to know that you are engaged directly in a relief project. What we need now is effective distribution of aids to the real needy putting aside all poilitics. I was directly involved in 1988 flood operations and I know the thrills of saving and helping lives. I really regret not being able to engage myself in relief activities this time except for arranging donations.

Looking forward to your review of the drama (Gonder was it?).

Qeta said...

I finally did something with the tombstone generator link! Five (virtual) Canadian dollars if you can spot the reference.

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